The Matrix.  The sci-fi film that came out at the end of the last century (1999) to change the way we watch movies, our perceptions, and to become a cult following.  To be followed by two more films to complete the Trilogy, only to be pack with so much content that it left the viewers far behind.


The Matrix is the artificial intelligence system that creates an illusion of a real world to people trapped in the system, while using their energy to power it.  Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburn) and his followers like Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) find Neo, Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), who they know ‘is the One’, to be able to break through the Matrix.


Written and directed by the Wachowski’s, it is based on Jung psychology, the bible and other mythical stories.


Looking back now it was a film that changed cinematic style in action and special effect films.  Every filmcoming after it was now updated for the new look of special effects, so much so that we now take it for granted, the bullet time effect, the martial arts style, and the wire work which was then common in Chinese films.  They are all common place now, and The Matrix doesn’t have that unique quality any more.  Like the ground breaking effects of Citizen Kane (1941) for its time, is now taken for granted.


When it was release it broke Box Office sales.  Taking in its whole cost in the first weekend.  Coming in under budget at US $70million, saving $30 million.  Everything after the first weekend was sheer profit.  It was a phenomenon.  The Wachowski’s were the Wonder kids of their day.  No wonder they were giving the green light for the sequels.  We all wanted to know what would happen next.



I had the fortune to be chosen to be stand-in and picture double for Keanu Reeves.  Since Keanu was on set most of the time, so was I.  I saw how lots of the film was made and privy to conversations that went on.


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